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Open Source Accounting Software

Open Source Accounting Software
Akaunting is a free and open source accounting software. With Akaunting, your financials are under your control. Open source software provides you full privacy as your financials are stored on your server. Our motto is: Don't give your financials to another company.

Want to host the financial data yourselves? Can’t trust any big organization or government behind it? Looking for help in case of EU GDPR? You're in the right place as Akaunting is the only choice for the accounting industry.

After seeing how this completely closed source dominated market space impacts the lives and successes of small businesses, we knew there was a problem. We're disrupting the space and introducing the power of open source to accounting world.

With open source software, you get the whole software, not just a service. You can use it as you wish, without any limitation. However, closed source accounting companies allow you to use their software as long as you pay them, otherwise, they shut down your account and all your financials get burned. True to their name, SaaS, Software as a Service. Think of a rental car (service) and your own car (software).

Furthermore, all those not open source accounting software are closed from public view, so no one outside the companies that own them has the faintest clue how many bugs and security issues they contain. Therefore, it's impossible the limited set of developers and testers within those companies can test their software as well as the worldwide community constantly scrutinizing open source software can.

Download your copy of Akaunting today and experience the true power of free and open source accounting software.