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Online Accounting Software

Online Accounting Software
Akaunting is an online accounting software. With Akaunting, you can access your financials instantly from any device: Mac, PC, tablet or phone. In an ever-evolving technological world, it's time to liberate yourself from being confined to a single computer.

Thanks to Akaunting, everyone can access data from nearly anywhere and work on financials at the same time. You can give limited access rights to anyone, i.e. accountant, so they could see only what you've permitted.

There are a lot of issues which come with desktop accounting software. These programs are often very expensive and require some training to understand and use effectively. Furthermore, keeping desktop accounting software up-to-date is costly and clunky. And the most important, backups fall on your shoulders when you are not using online accounting software.

Another big advantage of online accounting software is automation. You can connect to bank accounts, payment gateways, and even management systems, saving you a lot of time and so on money. On top of that, you can allow your customers to pay their invoices online via their credit/debit cards.

Download your copy of Akaunting today and experience the true power of free and online accounting software.